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Not sure about signing up for our weekly art updates? Here’s what you can expect…a whole lotta spam, emails from Nigerian Princes (we know so many of them, you’ll thank us one day), insider trading secrets and much, much more. It’s a can’t miss opportunity that you’d be stupid to pass up.

Ok, really though, we’ll only be sending print-worthy product updates and introducing you to some really interesting artists. That’s all, just the stuff you want, nothing more, nothing less.

Why Cursorwear?
Because Motherboard doesn’t sell t-shirts, that’s why.

There’s too much good art that dies a lonely death in forums and our favorite websites. So, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to curate the print worthy and partner with our favorite artists to give their ideas a new lease on life.

Or… if you just wanna browse, check us out on the gram.